Why is there no Jollibee in Japan?


Sometimes I’m asked why no Jollibee in Japan.

Of course, it’s a super famous restaurant chain, especially for people in the Philippines.

 However, there’s no outlet in Japan.


I’ve looked into some reasons why that. 

And I’ll introduce you to some reasonable and tasty restaurants you can go to instead of Jollibee.

Let’s get started!!!

About a plan to expand to Japan

 I can find some articles to report on the plan to expand to Japan.

 All of them wrote about a few years ago and articles said the owner of Jollibee’s company has the plan to open some branches in Japan.

 This article, Which was written about 5years ago, said that Jollibee had a plan to open a branch in Japan in 2019.

 【Jollibee to open first Japan branch in 2019 / Link Here

 QSR is the media that report about the restaurant industry and it could be trusted.

Actually, we don’t have a way to make sure whether the plan was true or not at that time, but I can say only one thing is that there are no branches in Japan as of 2022.

What is the most famous restaurant chain in Japan?

It’s that McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is very loved among Japanese people.

Since opening its first store in Japan in 1971, the company has grown to operate 2,900 stores (as of 2018), and there is probably not a Japanese person who has not eaten there.

There is some famous restaurant chain in Japan.

In this blog, I’m going to recommend other chains that are very tasty!!!!!

Please check this blog regularly.