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If you are already the Osaka Master, I wonder if you are thinking about next enjoyable spot during a trip to Osaka.

I recommend you SAKUYA KONOHANA KAN as the next destination during the Osaka trip.

Have you heard this spot’s name?

Perhaps, you aren’t familiar with this sound even though you’ve already known about this spot.

This is because this name is just the name in Japanese, written as it is in romaji.

Today, I’ll tell you about the meaning of “SAKUYA KONOHANA KAN”.

By the time you finish reading this article, you may want to visit this place too!


Please check this official website!

The official website describes clearly what kind of facility it is, and I quote from the introduction.

The Sakuya Konohana Kan conservatory was established by Osaka Municipal Government as a pavilion of the International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka, Japan 1990, held from April 1 to September 30, 1990.
In line with the theme of the exhibition, “Harmonious Co-Existence between People and Greenery,” the conservatory houses wild plants collected from around the world.
This is one of the largest conservatories in Japan, and one of the few conservatories in the world that artificially maintains the climatic and geographical conditions of the regions where the plants grow.
Plants that are the main attractions of the conservatory, such as tropical water lilies and blue poppies, are made to bloom all year round.
There are approximately 15,000 plants of 2,600 species and garden origins on exhibit, which offer direct and hands-on opportunities for visitors to learn about the wondrous nature of our precious planet in depth, while inviting them on a fascinating journey to appreciate the flowers of the world.

In a word, it is a botanical garden in Osaka city.

What is written SAKUYA KONOHANA KAN in Japanese

SAKUYA KONOHANA KAN is written in Chinese characters and Hiragana as “咲くやこの花館”.

 The following is an explanation of the meaning of the Japanese words.

“咲くや” means bloom.

“花” means flower.

“館” means building or facility.

 This botanical garden stands in a green park, so after you’re done touring inside, you’ll still have a lush green place to relax!


About a ten-minute walk from Tsurumiryokuchi Station on the subway Nagahori Tsurumiryokuchi Line. The Sakuya Konohana Kan conservatory is a glass-covered building adjacent to the observation tower in Tsurumiryokuchi Park.

[From Kansai International Airport]

About 54 minutes from the airport to Tennoji Station on the JR Hanwa Line (by Kanku Express), about 14 minutes from Tennoji Station to Kyobashi Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line (inner loop), and about nine minutes from Kyobashi Station to Tsurumiryokuchi Station on the subway Nagahori Tsurumiryokuchi Line.

For details, please check the official page.