The most delicious Takoyaki kiosk in Osaka


Osaka offers you a lot of Konamon Food, flour-based foods!

You might have heard of Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.
Both are a specialty of Osaka, Japan’s second-largest city in terms of economy and rich culinary culture.

These flour foods are sometimes served in Japanese restaurants all over the world.

If you haven’t heard about Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki, you can check Wikipedia.

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I was born and raised and have lived in Osaka city for almost 31 years,

I know many things about Osaka such as must-see sightseeing spots, delicious foods, souvenirs, and others!

In this article, I’d like to tell you about the greatest Takoyaki kiosk in Osaka.
If you plan to come to Osaka near future, this would be a must-check article!

The name of the kiosk

That is Yamachan Honten(山ちゃん本店), which is located in Tennoji-abeno area that is called Minami area is known as downtown.

shop front

This shop was awarded as the most delicious Takoyaki shop on web site named Tabelog(食べログ), which is a very famous reviewed website among Japanese people and it is often checked when people decide where to go to eat.

What makes this Takoyaki so special?

When you look at this Takoyaki first time, you may wonder why this Takoyaki is so famous.
Once you eat it, you know the reason!

They are crispy on the outside and so fluffy on the inside.
The dashi broth is very tasty.
The octopus fillet inside is bigger than at other Takoyaki stools.

It is so hot, so be careful not to burn your mouth when eating it.
(I ate it after brought it home, but it tastes better if you buy it and eat it right there.)

Quantity can be selected. (8 pieces, 10pieces, 12pieces)
Seasoning can be selected.
The restaurant recommends that you order it without any sauce.
If you want that type, just say “best” when you order.

Sorry, English menu isn’t available.


Access: 1 Chome-2-34 Abenosuji, Abeno Ward, Osaka, 545-0052

Abeno-Harukasu, the second-highest building in Japan, is located nearby, so it is good to go there together.